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Using our customized approach to Contract compliance, Solomon Johnson Associates analyzes a hospital's contracts with third party payers, and in conjunction with a review of the hospital's patient account files finds areas where the hospital has missed an opportunity for additional revenue. SJA does a comprehensive review of both Inpatient and Outpatient files looking for trends in underpayments and analyzing these to see any system-wide errors in billing or collections that are going unnoticed by the hospital. Once we determine that there is an error, we work with the hospital to correct it for the future. We will also re-bill any past underpayments that are still viable and do all the needed follow-up to assure payment.

Our goal at Solomon Johnson Associates is to provide the highest level of service to each and every client. We currently work with some of the largest hospitals in the New York Metropolitan area. Focusing mainly on closed accounts, we are able to bring in substantial revenue that the hospital had not identified. Our recovery rate is among the highest in the business.